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‘Inuka’ means ‘to evoke’ in Swahili which accurately portrays the artists intention for this unique collection. Her work features digital backdrops that she has photographed herself, layered with aerosol and acrylic ,featuring animated characters and finishes of metal gilding for extra texture and dimension.

Inuka discovered her passion for photography after travelling the world for 3 years and capturing the essence of every country she visited and explored. She believes that essence is often hidden in the smaller details so she began documenting the rich textures, patterns and colours of each destination throughout her worldwide trip.

Inuka initially planned her travel route based on what animals she would be able to encounter along the way. This created a purpose and a focus for her to build up an inspiring collection of photos that inspired her to create what you see today.

Successfully capturing the beauty in the contrast of urban decay in the slums of India against the vibrant silks, artwork and everyday life, Inuka came back to London and found herself falling in love with the ‘perfectly imperfect’ urban street art of her home city. It was then she picked up a can of Montana gold and began to master the art of aerosol.

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