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Louis Sidoli

Louis Sidoli

Louis Sidoli comes from an artistic Anglo Italian family and displayed an aptitude for art at an early age.

However, rather than taking the traditional art school route, he carved out a successful career in the car industry for over 15 years as a designer and quickly progressed to a senior management position. He was heavily involved with the design of some of the world’s most iconic cars throughout his accomplished career, such as the Mini and Range Rover. 

In the early 2000’s, he took a huge risk and decided to leave the corporate world behind to explore his artistic side, and in 2007 signed his first publishing contract which lead to a sell out debut collection, along with various collaborations including with football legend Pele to celebrate his 75th birthday, and a sell out show of neon portraits at the Halcyon Gallery in Bond Street London.

Louis draws on his experience of industrial manufacturing techniques to fine tune each step of the process in his work, by customising and integrating every single detail of the artwork and its presentation from the level of polishing applied to aluminium surfaces to the electrical design of his neon works. 


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