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Pure Evil

Pure Evil

Charles Uzzell Edwards a.k.a Pure Evil grew up in South Wales where he spent his teenage years customising his own clothes and experimenting with eyeliner which is what lead to him getting a fashion degree in London.

Skateboarding was another passion of his and after the Poll Tax Riots in Trafalgar Square, he decided to head to California for what was only meant to be a two week trip, which ended up being a 10-year stay in San Francisco.

There he became one of the designers for streetwear clothing line 'ANARCHIC ADJUSTMENT' and immersed himself in the booming British music scene there, making streetwear clothing for ravers, skateboarders and Silicon Valley tech guru's. It was then Charles began to pay attention to the street art of 'TWIST' and 'REMINISCE' as well as the work of other skateboard and graffiti artists on the scene.

His return to London in 2000 is where things really took off- after working at Banksy's SANTAS GHETTO Guerrilla retail show, he began stencilling and spraying bunny tags on the streets of London. His now signature fanged vampire bunny came from the guilt he felt when he shot and killed a rabbit when he was just 10 years old.

Heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement, Pure Evil is known for his Nightmare Series: doomed female icons like Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate featuring a single tear drop, that serves as the artist’s trademark symbol, drips down their fated faces-A comment on celebrity culture. It was the success of this series that has taken him around the world, from USA, to Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Indonesia and even Mongolia.

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