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Will Blood

Will Blood

Will Blood is an artist from the south of England, UK. Now ten years into his career, he has worked on countless projects worldwide from murals to merchandise design and has shown work in Galleries from London to Hong Kong.

Will creates most of his work initially in pen and ink and then moves the images to walls and canvas.'THE BOOK OF BARE BONES' is his his most popular series and has gained him acclaim and followers from every corner of the globe.It began life in late 2012 with the first x-ray illustration he did for a local exhibition, then grew into a book release in 2015 featuring the first 50 characters.

This was released with the help of kick starter funding, gaining lots of interest and hitting over 600% of the required amount.Now reaching nearly 300 popular characters and heading for a fourth book the series shows no sign of stopping.

He also has several personal series he works on from fantastical insects to the 'broken boy' a simple image often found in his street art and commercial mural work.

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