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Alessandro Paglia

Alessandro Paglia

Originating from Milan, the Italian capital of design, Alessandro Paglia has always been fascinated by the elegant simplicity of colour combinations, whether it be in the fine arts, design, fashion, film or photography.

With an education and background in product design and over 10 years of experience, he is also intrigued by aesthetics, textures and materials- his artworks represent a fusion of these two passions. 

Paglia uses his work to explore the life of an object, its story, its personality, the ingenuity of its creator, and what he calls its ‘hidden world’.

His latest collection includes characters from the world of cartoons portrayed in a whole new way. He has created a unique printing method, using a hand embossing technique with gold leaf finish to create a series of striking editions. Due to the handmade nature of each piece there are slight differences to every character, making each edition highly unique and collectable. 

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