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Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak began his art career by seeking out interesting buildings around the world during his travels, to draw in his distinctively personal style.

His unique approach to cityscape paintings has made a huge impact on art lovers across Britain ever since.

His distinctive view of skylines, iconic buildings and bustling urban scenes encourages us to look at the world through his eyes. “I like to see objects not as one complete entity, but rather as the sum of their parts. This is how I approach my own artwork, exaggerating certain features of buildings and giving them a twist here and there to accentuate the character that I see in it.”

Dylan works on aluminium, initially creating an accurate sketch and then drawing over it at speed to almost liberate the image or create ‘happy accidents’ as he likes to describe it. He then reworks the drawing a few times until he is satisfied. He then moves on to the painstaking process of painting each individual shape in a gloss paint. Once the entire piece has colour he redraws all the lines on top in a black paint. This process takes an average of 100hrs per piece! 

So although his images are created with tenacity and care he successfully manages to keep a sense of rapidity and enthusiasm in his work.

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