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Stereo by Populuxe

Vintage Pye stereogram with a 21st Century twist.

Overall Size  135 (w) x  52 (d) x  63 (h) cm 

"A rare vintage Pye Stereophonic black box model G63, produced circa 1963/64. This particular model was featured in The Beatles fan club calendar in 1963, where it was shared by the band in the only home that they lived together in during their career.

This one has been completely reimagined, bringing it into the 21st century with all new hi-fi equipment and Bluetooth connectivity.

It has been fitted with a Pro-Ject Primary E turntable, with uprated springs added to the base to isolate the plinth from any vibrations from the speaker, meaning even at full volume the needle won’t skip.

The amplifier is a Fosi audio BT20a and packs a real punch at 100W x 2. It features Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music all day long with ease. Separate bass and treble controls mean you can adjust the sound to your own preference.

The speakers are 45W three way coaxial with an 8 inch woofer, and dome mid range and tweeters, and they produce crisp, clear sound with no distortion.  They have been encased in custom made MDF enclosures to optimise performance, and are connected via high quality pure copper cables with gold plated banana plugs.

Finally the piece has been painted in a custom mix dead flat matt black, with STEREO meticulously hand painted in high gloss sign writing enamel, making it very much a “Black Box” indeed!"

Joel will personally deliver and install this unique piece in your home, coming in to view and hear this piece is highly recommended!

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