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Beanwave Editions

Beanwave Editions

Beanwave Editions is the graphic arts practice of James Bristow, who creates colourful typographic and abstract screenprints at his studio printshop in Silverstone.

James's printmaking combines warm and vibrant colour, typography, language, pattern and texture, with a twist of quirkiness and humour. It's uplifting, playful work that raises a quizzical eyebrow or a smile. Yes, it’s art, but it is never pretentious. Or, as Bristow himself puts it: "I’m not curing cancer here".

The screenprints are printed by hand using centuries-old traditional silkscreen printing techniques, water-based inks and environmentally friendly papers. It's analogue and it takes time and effort, but the results speak for themselves, as each limited edition print has a colour-rich quality, with natural imperfections that you don’t get in the digital world. Unique prints for extraordinary interiors.

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