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"Voulez Vous" ABBA by Louis Sidoli

Limited Edition

Brushed aluminium with high gloss finish and hand blown traditional glass neon tubes.

Image Size: 95x95cm

Framed Size: 100cm x 100cm

Edition size of only 5

Voulez Vous; (French for "Do you want?") is the sixth studio album by the Swedish supergroup ABBA, released on 23 April 1979. which featured a single of the same name. Abba had moved on from their early 1970’s glam rock period and started to embrace disco music, which was at its peak at the time. The album topped the charts in a number of countries and was one of the top five-selling albums in the UK for that year. This neon artwork is a re-imagined 3D version of the album cover using a similar photo which was taken at Alexandra's night club in Stockholm, which hinted at the disco theme. The reflective surface of the brushed aluminium artwork and the real glass neon lights replicate the original photo which features the group standing in a reflective mirrored room with Agnetha and Frida holding a neon tube. The neon lights provide the perfect medium for this image with its 1970’s disco vibe.

*Available online only with a lead time of 4-5 weeks for delivery

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