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Carl Stimpson

Carl Stimpson

Born in Kidderminster, Carl Stimpson went on to study Fine Art at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth and now lives and works in London.

Carl developed his signature style by freehand copying magazine and newspaper cut-outs, he would outline his chosen subjects leaving only the essential information thus unknowingly following in the footsteps of an art form pioneered by Belgian artist Hergé, creator of the Tintin series, called ‘ligne claire’ (meaning clear line).

Carl felt that there was always something left out of the original image that just didn’t translate. Through the use of a light projector he could determine the precise location of each brush stroke - including all the imperfections visible in the original image– making for a more authentic interpretation. He went on to develop his brushwork with the aim of cleaner, simpler lines.

Stimpson’s fascination with the Tintin comic book series is what inspired his style and subject matter and is what in fact, revolutionised his style that we have come to recognise him for today.

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