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David Newton

David Newton

David Newton is an Illustrator screen-printer and picture-book maker with a serious love of colour!

London based artist, James Kingman is known for his fun graphics Inspired by street art, design and pop culture. Art to James has always been about freedom of creative expression and serves as a platform to communicate messages or as he describes it- “adorations or tongue-in-cheek reflections on pop-society.”

James started out spray painting stencils in his teens, then progressed to digital work which resulted in over 15 years experience in the creative industry.  He applied his trade to many of the UK’s leading agencies and in-house brands across the digital and print fields.

He has been influenced by Swiss design, Bauhaus and user-centric design combined with screen printing. His work predominantly contains painstakingly hand rendered halftones, bespoke typefaces with hand finished elements, making each piece unique. 

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