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Matt is an award-winning designer turned artist living in London. He won YunoJuno’s Freelance Designer of the Year in 2021.

After a successful career in graphic design and predominantly digital based work Matt now prefers to experiment with older design and art processes that require a manual, hands-on process.

He has developed techniques which introduce accidental mark-making into his process. This along with his design background creates a unique blend of unpredictability and uniformity in his work. He sources vintage Letrasets from all over the world as they are no longer made…Most of them are from as early as the 1960s!

 His work depicts familiar everyday objects you would find outside like abandoned cars, signs and unattended nature but in a surreal, otherworldly environment-A 5 minute look into the future. The figures in his work are mostly alone- navigating their way through the (often dystopian) landscapes they are faced with.

Inspired by artists Abram Games; the UK’s only ever official War Graphic Designer. Who went on to design the Logo for the festival of Britain in 1951 and David Pelham who was creative director at Penguin books science fiction during the 1970s. His most famous cover was A Clockwork Orange. 

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