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Justin, otherwise known as Curtains, referring to his stylish 'curtains' hairstyle during his skateboarding days in the late 80's , is a self taught artist living in Seaford East Sussex.

He uses spray paint to create his mesmerising hardedge paintings (areas of flat colour with sharp, clear, hard edges) which he better describes as "shapes and colourful interactions, a jigsaw of spontaneous thoughts, journey into the unknown."

With the Skateboarding and graffiti culture playing a big part in his inspiration, Justin also references his past as a DJ and the idea of 'mixing' that is used in both music and art. 

You'll find him listening to The Chemical Brothers when painting which gives us further insight into his style and inspiration.
We anticipate this style of work taking the art world by storm and we're confident that Curtains will be forerunner of it all.


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